Find Cheap office furniture Johannesburg

Office furniture is not an investment every company can afford to splurge on and yet it is an important investment which should be carefully considered when starting up any business or when adding to an existing business. It does not always help a business to buy cheap office furniture Johannesburg, because it could mean that the furniture is of low quality and will thus quickly need replacing. However, there are many budget options in each city, especially in Johannesburg, the economic hub of South Africa. The need for cheaper office furniture is recognised in this metropolitan city and if you look carefully and do enough research, you will find the perfect items for your needs.

Office furniture adds not only value to a business, but also adds to the positive or negative work environment and can thus directly affect the productivity of your employees directly. It is vital to consider this when purchasing cheap office furniture Johannesburg, because no employee wants to work on a broken desk, on a chair that squeaks every time he moves or with cupboards that are not strong enough to hold heavy files. Make sure you purchase quality furniture and if this means spending and extra thousand, do not hesitate, because it will prolong the life and thus the asset value of the specific items.


When you look for cheap office furniture, however, consider looking for second hand furniture that was not necessarily broken, just unwanted or excess. This means you will get functioning items. Avoid purchasing furniture that you have to put together yourself unless you know exactly how to or you hire someone to piece them together for you. Do-it-yourself options are usually much cheaper, but the labour involved can ultimately make these items more expensive. Also, you run the risk assembling items incorrectly and will have to replace them sooner than a proper piece of furniture – rendering the entire process more expensive than initially anticipated.


Cheap office furniture should not only be economical, but should add aesthetically to your office in order to maintain uniformity. When seeing clients, you cannot have noisy chairs or unsightly designs, because they need to carry the image of your company and clients need to feel the company cares about presentation. There are many cheap options that can easily help you achieve this goal, just make sure you look in the right places and do not trust the first cheap option you are presented with.

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We offer a range of accessories from dustbins to filing trays.Click on the link below to visit our accessories page.


Our boardroom furniture ranges from big boardroom tables to small side and coffee tables.
Boardroom furniture


Take a look at our colourful and varied canteen furniture. Bar stools, canteen chairs and more.
Canteen furniture


Choose from a variety of desk options, from desk shells to desks with drawers and pedestals
Office Desks

Executive Furniture

Executive furniture - desks for the CEO and other managers. Better finishes and options
Executive Furniture

Office Chairs

Our office chairs range from high back chairs, medium back chairs to typists chairs.
Office Chairs

Office Workstations

PC Desks, call centre desks or ergonomically designed, space efficient office workstation desks
4 way cluster office workstation


Create the right impression with your reception furniture. Combine with bookcases and soft seating!
Reception Desks

Soft Seating

Soft seating is indispensable for reception areas and other waiting areas.
Soft Seating


Credenzas, pedestals and even pedenzas. Bookcases galore. Everything you need for storage
Storage, bookcases


Training tables, student chairs. Chairs can be stacked, training tables can be combined
Training Table