How Boardroom Tables Portray your Business

Boardroom tables are extremely varied and you will be able to find a table that fits any room size and any function. When you are looking at tables for the boardroom of an office, you need to look at the material, the size, as well as the functionality. This means you need to be aware of the room you will be using as the boardroom and you need to be aware of the degree of mobility you will need when you are conducting meetings or working on projects. This also means that you will need to be aware of the type of clients and partners you will be dealing with.

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Creating a Feel with a Boardroom Table

Your boardroom table in your office sets the tone for the future meetings you will conduct and the professional relationships you will build with clients and potential investors. This means that you need to think carefully about the tone you want to set before you choose a table for the boardroom. This might seem like a trivial aspect to consider, but you will be surprised when you see how a simple piece of furniture can in fact change the whole atmosphere and create a certain feel between the people involved in the meetings. Look at, for example, how a round table makes the people around it feel in contrast to a rectangular table. Continue reading

Boardroom Furniture to Fit the Business

Boardroom furniture can be extremely varied and can make any business look stylish and professional. Depending on the rest of the furniture in the office, you need to make calculated decisions regarding which material and colours you buy for the boardroom. The boardroom is where all the important meetings are held and is where you need to make the best possible impression, so you need to make sure the furniture and décor in the room support this objective. Continue reading

Boardroom Chairs – Style and Comfort

So you have decided to furnish your office and have come to the point where you need to tackle the boardroom. If there is only one thing you need to keep in mind while doing this, it is that the boardroom should reflect the goals and values of your business. After all, this is where you will hold all your important meeting: not only within the company, but with various other outside parties, including potential investors. Thus, when buying the furniture for this room, you need to keep in mind that you are building the picture you want to send out about your business or company. It is vital to look specifically at boardroom chairs, because there are two aspects to these types of chairs that need to be considered.


First of all, you need to buy boardroom chairs that fit the rest of the décor and that uphold the aesthetic image of the rest of the office. For example, if you have a red and black colour scheme in the rest of the office, try to get black leather chairs or neutral chairs that are not distracting and do not take away for the rest of the aesthetics. If your table is black, you can try and opt for brighter chairs, but ever overdo it. However, if the company deals with fashion or with children’s toys, for example, you can be a little more adventurous. It will really depend on what the function of your company is. If you are an accountancy firm, keep it simple. If you are an architecture firm, show that you are serious about design and quality.


The second thing you need to consider when purchasing boardroom chairs is comfort. You do not want that potential investor to shuffle around on his chair during the two hour meeting and walk out with a sore back. This will only place everyone in a bad mood and will negatively affect any meeting without you even noticing it. Make sure th chairs are comfortable and are made out of a material that is soft and supportive.

Finding Good and Affordable office furniture

Affordable office furniture is easier to find than you might think. All it takes is a little research and a little advice when it comes to finding and purchasing furniture to match your office. Office furniture includes a number of very important elements, including office chairs, desks, computer and desktops stands, bookshelves, boardroom tables, as well as storage facilities, reception facilities and other accessories depending on the needs of your office. You can always, when buying office furniture, keep in mind that you are buying assets for the company and these pieces can be listed as other assets in your books. If you know you are going to remain in one office for a long time or are going to make use of the furniture over a long period of time, it might help to invest some extra money into the pieces, because you will be presented with higher quality and longer lasting products.

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Affordable office chairs can be Classy

When it comes to buying affordable office chairs, you should makes sure you do not hold back on comfort, because you can easily get chairs at good prices without compromising on the comfort and happiness of your employees. Imagine having uncomfortable and ugly plastic or steel chairs strewn across the office and making everyone uptight and annoyed. It cannot possibly be good for the productivity and work ethic of the people working in the office. Your employees need to be taken care of, especially if they spend most of their time in the office and if they spend most of their time in their chairs. It would not be fair to anyone if you buy cheap chairs that are simply horrid to use. Continue reading

Fitting the Right Office Desks Johannesburg

Office desks Johannesburg are available for a great variety of purposes for a great variety of office designs. Before you purchase office desks, make sure you know exactly what you want to use them for, who will be using them and how many features you need to cover with one desk. This means you need to look at storage space within desks, space on the desk itself, the overall size of the desk, as well as the colour and design – it has to add productively and aesthetically to your office or home. Make sure you determine all of these elements before spending money, because you do not want to waste time, money and effort on replacing and returning items.

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Find Cheap office furniture Johannesburg

Office furniture is not an investment every company can afford to splurge on and yet it is an important investment which should be carefully considered when starting up any business or when adding to an existing business. It does not always help a business to buy cheap office furniture Johannesburg, because it could mean that the furniture is of low quality and will thus quickly need replacing. However, there are many budget options in each city, especially in Johannesburg, the economic hub of South Africa. The need for cheaper office furniture is recognised in this metropolitan city and if you look carefully and do enough research, you will find the perfect items for your needs.

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Executive Furniture: What Styles say about your Company

Executive furniture conveys a very specific message about who and what your company is and stands for. When you consider the design of the company and when you consider the message you want to send to clients and employees, you will find the process of purchasing this type of furniture much simpler and it will suddenly open up doors to your company’s future. There are various styles you can choose from when it comes to executive furniture, but there are two main or prominent styles that stand out. These two types, when looking at how they are presented, can be categorised as wooden rustic or vintage and modern. There are various other options, of course, but most furniture styles branch off of these basic ideas. The categories speak for themselves, but to elaborate on the styles will help you determine what it is you want to do with your business regarding design.

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Office Furniture for sale Johannesburg

Office furniture for sale Johannesburg has taken quite a drastic turn over the past decade as technology has taken over how businesses are run and how businesses are presented. When you start researching office furniture and where to buy these items, you will find a whole world opening up to you regarding options, styles and methods of purchasing. Johannesburg is no different. From those old, trusted furniture stores in the industrial corners on the outskirts of the city to boutique stores in big malls to online stores, the choice can often be enough to confuse any business owner. The office furniture purchasing process should not, however, be so complicated as to take away from you running a business, so take advantage of the simplification of technology and look online before heading out into the world to browse for hours on end.

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